Help - OK, but what with?

Noticed a few posts with "Help" in the title recently and a couple I have simply ignored (as you may do to this). The reason they have been ignored is that we friendly folk on SFN need a smidgen more information than "Help" in order to decide if we can help or not.

So when posting a cry for help, can you please let us have just a little bit more on what you need help with?


And upload a profile photo! People are much more willing to help someone they ‘know’ even if only virtually.

Yes indeed Nick, another good reason to write a descriptive title is that when the posts are promoted and shared on social mendia sites, they need to summarise the content or nobody will click on the links.

I'm always happy to help as long as there is enough information to begin with and the title of the discussion is what grabs most people's attention and will draw the most assistance, so yes I agree - please do ask for help but please try to be a little informative about your situation or specific about the topic.

Also it helps if people need a lot of help on various aspects of life in France, then to break down the problems and perhaps prioritise what is the most important to sort out first.

I totally agree Nick, it drives you potty when you can't tell at a glance what the post is about without scrolling down, especially when your computer goes as slow as ours!