Help on Selling a property in France

(Ron Browning) #1

Hi Can any one on this site please advise me on if i need to proove to the immobilier that i own the property i want to sell or is this up to the Notaire when they do there searches.

Many thanks


(Vivien Barrow Clegnac) #2

Hello, I expect you have sorted it by now but I would suggest using another agent if you really don’t get on.

If this is not possible and he still insists you just need to show him a copy of the original act which you signed at the notaire when you bought the property or a copy of the last taxe foncier bill.

Agents are supposed to take reasonable steps to ensure that you are the owner of the property as they are providing a service to the buyer and the seller and need to act responsibly. In practice this rarely happens.

When I was working as an agent I always asked to see the acte authentique, not only to reassure myself with regard to ownership but also for facts like rights of way, other owners, the exact size of the property and the land registration number. All these details help towards a smooth sale, avoids nasty surprises and saves time when preparing the compromis.

Best of luck!

(Ron Browning) #3

Hi Catharine,
Thanks for your reply, i have actually been looking into this and have found from another immobilier office that what you have said is also correct. He advised me that it is the Notaires responsabilty when he does his search, it will show proof of ownership with the land registry office , which he will check. I have had some real problems with a local immobilier who said that because i cannot prove to him that i am the owner he has stopped a case of fraud HA ha ha !! . I sent him some copies of the compromise to buy which are not signed (because i thought at the time that he was right, yes stupid i know) and now he won’t return them. I have written to him several times explaining that i do not need to proove to him that i am the owner but he insists that i do have to Grrrrrrr!!! he is making me very angry as he is very rude and insultive in his emails too. Sorry to tell you all this but i know that this site would confirm what i have since found out.

(Catharine Higginson) #4

Hi Ron

I have never had to produce any evidence to show the agent that I own the property. I have had to sign to say that I have then right to sell it -ie I am the owner and joint owners will all have to sign this. I have to say I have mainly sold properties privately though as it has been a more effective means of selling.