Help please, non UK diploma

I do some voluntary work teaching English to new arrivals in the UK. Today a young woman from Cameroon came to the class. She wanted to improve her English to be able to apply for jobs. Frankly, her English was pretty good, and I could only converse with her rather than teach her. She has a Masters in Finance from the University of Poitiers but it’s in French. Does anybody have knowledge of how one can use a French diploma in the UK? She seemed to think it would have to be translated.
I realise this is the “wrong way round” and questions are usually about British qualifications in Europe, however, somebody may know something. Thanks.


A starting point?

2019 Flocreen, so may be overtaken by Brexit.

Its a starting point I’m not doing the work for them!

This might be an alternative starting point.

I’d assume that.

Thanks. Some good suggestions.

Perhaps she can contact Narric to give her an equivalence of her french diploma into english. You have to pay a fee but then it is an approved organisation for issuing equivalence. Good luck

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