Help please - Route along the Quais in Bordeaux

Does anyone know Bordeaux well enough please to be able to tell me whether I can drive the length of the Quais?

I have an appointment tomorrow morning on the Quai de Bacalan, right in front of the Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas.

I’ll be coming from the Agen direction along the A62 and going anticlockwise onto the rocade.

To my surprise, when I googled the route, Google takes me only part way along the quais and then takes me across Pont Saint Jean to the right bank, zigzags me along Boulevard Joliot Curie and back over the Pont Jacques C-D. Do I really need to do this? or is it possible just to continue straight along the left bank, all the way? (which to my mind seems easier)

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks. I will be giving myself plenty of time, but I’d rather not find myself lost in Bordeaux!

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My word… too true… rather not be lost anywhere at the moment…

Hope someone finds you a good route…

take care… :relaxed: :relaxed:

I guess that you mean like this:

Instead of like this:

As far as I can see it is just because it thinks it will be 4-5 minutes quicker at the moment to cross the river and back again - if you drag a waypoint onto the left bank it seems happy enough to take you that way.

Annoyingly, if you send the route from PC to phone, altered waypoints do not get sent with it which is a pain when the default route is not the way that you want to go.

We were there on Friday - either of the above routes are possible, just check the traffic as you arrive to see which is best. When quiet along the riverfront is easy enough (and far more pretty).

Thanks Paul, spot on. I too tried moving the way point I wasn’t sure about the orange bits along the quais- and if you enlarge it further there’s a red bit just before where I’m going. Is that just heavy traffic? Or an actual no-through road?

Thanks Mat - good to know. I agree about the river front. We went that way to the submarine pens for a concert 2-3 years back - saw Melody Gardot.

Just heavy traffic but Google often gets it wrong and is easy to fool as an artist with a cart and about 100 mobile phones demonstrated.

Thanks Stella. Mat has reassured me. It’s important as I’m taking our Airedale Vita to an acupuncturist.

Thanks Paul. :slight_smile:

Street parking is ghastly in Bordeaux, you might be better off parking at the cité du vin

Thanks Vero. The vet I’m seeing is next to a Monoprix car park - an hour’s free parking.

And then afterwards you can go to Eurasie just up the road and eat lovely SE Asian food and go to the huge grocery shop. There are shady bits between Eurasie and the submarine pens (where the fantastic Klimt and Klee bassins de lumiere exhibition is on) where you can take Vita for a stroll and a pee.


Thanks Vero - sadly I’m not sure about the eating and the shopping. We’re still pretty much keeping ourselves to ourselves and only doing something like this in an emergency.
But the shady bits sound good. :slight_smile:

Ohhhhh that sounds good! I’m not massively impressed by the chinese buffet type places and really miss good asian food - we have so much wonderful choice in Australia! And to stock up on Asian sauces! I could combine with a trip to that glasses place!


i can’t remember the name of the square but it is where cultura art shop is; at least four good restaurants thre;

Is it possible to get to Eurasie via tram/bus from
Parc-relais Buttinière?

@Fran24 @toryroo

It is difficult getting anywhere by tram from Buttinière at the moment because the Pont de Pierre is closed, it needs to be strengthened and it’ll take a couple of years they think. Mega nuisance, I usually park there and take the tram but not now.
You can get to Eurasie by bus, I have seen them going along the Boulevard Alfred Daney, I have just checked and the stop you want is Base sous-marine on lines 9 and 32. Then you have a max 100m walk. You might be able to get a bus from the Bastide, but I’m not very au fait with them, the transports tbm website should help though.
Eurasie have a website which could well give better directions…
Whereabouts are you both? I could always pick you up if it’s on the way, next time I go.


Thank you for your kindness Vero :hugs:
The nearest town to the A89 is probably St Astier so definitely not on your way :thinking:
My son, on his recent trip to Bordeaux picked up a some ingredients for me, which he is happy to do, will be enough until the autumn :clap:
St Astier does have a train service to Bordeaux, could this be an option?

You must be terribly close to me Lily! The train is good as it gets you right into the centre although the tickets are very dear - at least €10 each way - considering you can pick up TGV tickets to Paris if you are lucky for around that it is shocking to me! Although if I was on my own I’d do that but if you have 2 people or more it soon adds up! DH did read that there are lots of train ticket specials on at the moment so worth a look. Also check the timetable, I think the train that stops at St Astier / Neuvic is the slow one, you may be better to go to Mussidan as if you get the right one it doesn’t stop as much.

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That’s so nice of you! Between Bergerac and Perigueux :wink:Until I find work again I sadly won’t be having any trips to Bordeaux!!! I’m confident that I’ll be able to get work in September - I’ve just completed my TEFL. Possibly as an English assistant as US uni students won’t be coming and many UK unis have already said they won’t be doing their overseas programmes in September, possibly January. I’m also approaching centres de formations in Bergerac and Perigueux as well as building up my private students!

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Thank you everyone for the info and reassurances. Worked like a dream and yes, the quais are lovely and the journey well worthwhile as she is an excellent acupuncturist.

Was very nostalgic for “le temps perdu” - lots of people obviously on holiday, playing on the Miroir d’eau, in the cafes. No social distancing, no (or only very few) masks. Sadly, I’m not (seemingly) as they are, as yet again I use my hand sanitiser and put my mask back on and wonder if I’ll ever lose this bubble of anxiety.