Help please!

Hi everyone. Finally received a letter from RSI, and they are asking for a lot of certified stuff. Is all of this really necessary? If my French skills are up to it, it appears that all certificates have to be translated and also looking for an Apostille. To get this Apostille, I have to go to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin and it costs a lot (back in my law firm days, KI had to have apostilles organised for several clients). Sorry if this query has been answered before, but am like a rabbit caught in headlines, and am trying to get ready for youngest daughter's wedding back in Dublin next week. I include the full text of the letter and would be most grateful for any advice.

Suite à votre affiliation au Régime Social des Indépendants (RSI) et pour nous permettre de vous
identifier auprès du Répertoire National de l'Assurance Maladie avec un numéro définitif
d'immatriculation, nous vous invitons à nous retourner ce document accompagné des pièces
demandées ci-après:
o Une copie de l'extrait d'acte de naissance original comportant les noms et prénoms de vos parents,
délivré par la mairie de votre lieu de naissance accompagné de la traduction assermentée (document traduit
par un traducteur inscrit à une Cour d'Appel).
o L'apostille (document fourni avec l'acte de naissance pour les ressortissants des pays signataires de la
Convention de la Haye du 05 octobre 1961 et demandé à l'autorité compétente de l'Etat d'où émane l'acte)
o La légalisation (tampon certifiant l'authenticité des signatures apposées sur l'acte d'état civil)
o Une copie d'une pièce d'état civil en cours de validité:
Si vous êtes de nationalité française: la photocopie de la Carte Nationale d'Identité
Si vous êtes de nationalité étrangère:
La photocopie de la carte de séjour ou de la carte de résident pour les ressortissants des pays hors CEE
La photocopie du passeport pour les ressortissants de la CEE
o Une copie de l'acte de mariage original et la traduction assermentée, pour les femmes dont leur nom
marital apparaît sur la pièce d'état civil.
o Autres:
A défaut de réponse de votre part, nous ne serons pas en mesure de vous faire délivrer une carte
vitale par votre organisme conventionné.

Hi Sheila, yes send off your Dr form to Bourges - keep a copy as you may need to send it many times!!!

Keep phoning the RSI and ask them to send your attestation - this sometimes kick starts things. It took us 2 yeas and probably cost a fortune in phone calls but we got there in the end xxx

Hi again everyone. Well, I did my return online (big fat zero as I only signed up on 1/6/2012) and kept a printout. In the meantime, I have had the choice of doctor forms filled in and signed by the doctor. Just not sure where to send them to. I think, according to the standard letter from RSI that I send them to the office in Bourges. ???

I still have not heard back from the woman in RSI who requested the translations. Just wondering how I am supposed to get an attestation.

You're welcome.

Done! No earnings anyway for 2nd trimestrielle, so it was a NIL return which was accepted and I have printed out the page. Thanks as always Brian.

Ignore, log on to and take it from there.

Is that then Net-Enterprises? They set me a letter with a little leaflet saying Teledeclaration + Telepaiement.

Do your URSSAF Déc... online or else be prepared to pay the penalty. Unless you can shove it in somebody's hand in an office by 31 July there is little chance it will be opened, therefore you'll probably get done. Plenty of people have warned about that in the past, but no harm in warning you.

Good morning, everyone, and apologies for not responding to all the comments which arrived while I was at youngest's wedding back in Ireland - no internet access (had terrible withdrawal symptoms!). Thank you all for your replies.

Since 8th July I have received from URSSAF a "Déclaration Trimestrielle de Recettes" with lots of little boxes to fill in - haven't got a clue! I also received a standard letter from RSI with explanatory booklet, a letter from Net-Enterprises and a Déclaration de Choix du Médecin Traitant. I have also caved in and obtained the traductions assermentée and emailed same to Madame wotsername at RSI and am awaiting a response. Off to Doctor this morning to get the Déclaration signed by her.

Onwards and upwards!

There is a huge part of all of us who love France.

RSI is a pain....pain..

Deal with it but do not let it get to you.

I have an on going prob with them but just remeber everthing

gots sorted in the end....everything.

Oh shucks. Okay Plan B - I wonder what age they take them in the French Foreign Legion.

No. Never.:-)

Wha thank you ma'am. I actually think no-one's life is particularly easy - there's always something that'll go pear shaped whether it's giving away your husband's photographic gel, dropping your phone down a well or something much more serious. You wouldn't relish any of them happening but at least some of them you can laugh about. Most things can be dealt with eventually, albeit taking a ridiculous amount of time and energy.

If Twerp suddenly decides he doesn't like it here after all, that can be solved as well - one advert on eBay and he's gone. I tell him that and he just laughs at me. Is he never going to take me seriously...?

Hi Valerie,

just wanted to say that I love the tone of your posts, it sounds like life is not easy but you are so happy with your lot, I wish you and Twerp all the best in your new life in France.

Hi Sheila,

You'll probably remember my blog posts regarding RSI, it's taken 2 years for us to finally get ours sorted. This is how we did it.

1.We copied our original birth certificate and marriage certificate

2. We created a MS word version of the document in English - I can send you our version if u like

3. We created a translated version of the MS word document

4. We got the Mairie to stamp the 2 MS word versions as certified copies of our original document.

This worked for us, but we seemed to have 10's of different RSI people working on our case not the same one, so perhaps it's pure chance.

Good Luck - keep trying, I'd like to say it's worth it in the end when you get those little green cards but I think the relief of it all being sorted 'for now' was worth more than the cards.

Hi Shelia,

A few of my clients have been asked for all of these pieces before, but we have never included the Apostille and it has always been fine (so far that is!). However, we have always sent the following to be safe and have never had a problem or delay:

  • Official translated birth certificate with both parents names
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your marriage certificate translated (if you are not using your maidain name for the AE)

If you dont have the long form birth cert you can order it online

Hope this helps!


Sorry, Donna, but that made me laugh. The stupidity of it. Must make you want to start banging your head against a brick wall.

My husband has no insurance either due to Visa issues. I finally ended up purchasing major medical coverage via Bupa for him as a protection. It's money I shouldn't have to spend, but it gives me peace of mind in knowing that a major accident or illness won't bankrupt us.

It took me 11-1/2 months to receive mine and it expired two weeks after receipt with no replacement card it sight. It's somewhat laughable as quite a bit of my salary goes into these programs.

I think it's part of being middle aged, Carol, lol! We can't understand why people make a song and dance about things that should be relatively simple. We just want to grab them, give them a good shake and ask what the heck's the matter with you, then go ahead and get it done ourselves (that usually works out so much faster, doesn't it).

The surgery wasn't tough for me. My mindset was totally what would happen to Twerp - the anaesthesiologist (sp?) was ordered to wake me up asap afterwards so I'd know he wouldn't be left alone in a strange country. The lady I'd bought my house from 18 months previously knew that Twerp's grandparents, aunt etc weren't interested so she left her hubby & two teenage girls to move into my house to Twerp would have his own things around him. I love that woman to bits - she's about 4'6" and can be very scary. I didn't dare say no.

Luckily, living out there, I didn't have access to many of the 'France is so great' programmes. The cost of living here is actually about 20% higher than in Malta. It was simply a case of my kid has never had a garden, he needs fresh air, he's never seen snow or trees change colour, couldn't afford 'nice' in the UK and France is between both families. Done deal. I'm working as many hours as I can to pay the horrendously expensive car insurance and food bills (lucky we like sandwiches!) but he seems happy at school, adores running round the garden with the dogs, points out things he's never seen before so I'm content - if bureaucratic cr*p starts being thrown at me, I'll just have to get on and deal with it the way stubborn beaatches do.