Help required sourcing hotel-style toiletries

Hi there knowledgeable people of the SFN.

I have been asked by a customer to find a company either based in France, or who will ship to France, who can supply her with the small sample-sized toiletries (shampoo, shower gel etc.) for her gîte business.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Many thanks in advance

That is very odd, I am in France and have no block to any pages from other countries ebay sites. OH said that they implemented this when Dior took them to court about 7 years ago but he thought that it had been removed. A bit pointless of them really with the international selling available. There are hundreds of crooks advertising for ebay sellers on Freelancer - all goods shipped from Hong Kong! So really you do not have to live in China lol

I can't recommend it Hilary I just did a cursory Google search. L'Occitan de Provence do an hotel range but while I love their products I fear they may be rather pricey.

Thank you Bernadette. Unfortunately I can't access Ebay items such as that from here in France, as access to pages for toiletries/perfumes etc. is blocked in an attempt to block counterfeit goods. I'll pass on the link to my customer though.

On second thoughts, I'll give expat shield a try to see if that hides my identity sufficiently well to be able to look.

Edit: No, I'm not allowed to see it, even with expat shield turned on. Might as well live in China lol

We use ebay for such things, http:/ this company have lots of different ranges and are only £25 for 300 items. Not sure if they ship to France but worth asking.

Thank you David, that's exactly what she's looking for. Have you used the company or know of anyone who has and can recommend it?

Try this company