Help selling our Burgundy B&B

. As we all know the three most stressful things in life are death divorce and selling your house . We are now selling our ex B & B an old house in the Burgundy countryside and are seeking some practical tips to keep the stress at bay . We have had estimations from four agencies with a price spread of 12% and are not entirely satisfied with any of them .
So if anyone has advice or experience or experience in any of the following areas it would be much appreciated .
~ All of them are asking for mandats exclusif which seems to us like a very bad idea but how do we keep their enthusiasm. .?

~All of them want to hire their own diagnostic partners for obvious reasons .Can I ask for competitive devis so I can choose myself independently ?

~Anyone had any experience with iad ?

~Anyone with a recommendation for a Dijon agency for an older country house ?

  • Or a national agency ?

~ If we try to market the house ourselves directly any thoughts on websites or magazines which might be productive ?

~. Any general advice on ways to proceed or pitfalls to avoid going forward ?

Thanks in advance for your support.!

Sorry to disillusion you, but I believe it’s moving house that’s the tough one, not selling, though that’s bad enough.

Personally I’d go for exclusivity, one throat to choke, as they say. I’ve found over the years cutting costs on expert advice (architects, project managers, estate agents, etc.) can cause you more grief in the end. I wouldn’t dream of doing it myself, but horses for courses. Good luck with your sale (and move) :slightly_smiling_face:

The lass who was the agent for leggetts when we bought now works for IAD in 71. She was good for us, though I have no idea if she is representative of the greater network.

Her name is Mathilde Sicard. Real estate agent* in Cussy-en-Morvan - Mathilde Sicard - iad

Don’t ask too much if you are comparing to UK prices, France is totally different and people will never pay the asking price, only what they think its worth and what they can afford, remembering people here only get mortgages based on their circumstances and repayment, not silly money and self declarations of income. You could place it with an agent in Paris too, they are more likely to have clients interested than locals where you live and maybe immos in other countries too. Up in Bretagne it was more popular to use a Notaire to sell your property as people had more trust than immos, but it seems not all regions do that

Thanks very much. Useful insights and food for thought !

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