Help snake

My parents are on holiday in the south of France. They have a snake poking out of the fireplace in the middle of the room. It is making a big racket that sounds like a rattle. Here is a detail of a pic they sent (not naturals with camera on phone!)

I have tried to look it up but it looks different to the Couleuvre markings. Do you think it could be an escaped snake?

What on earth do they do with it? It appears to be trapped.

That’s a dragonfly, not a snake.


Really! :laughing: Are they that big??



Thanks so much!!!

The rattle is the wretched creature’s wings, poor dragonfly, I hope they can rescue it.
I expect they feel a bit silly now.

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They’re a threatened species as well, due to loss of habitat, so if they can release it without killing it, kudos to them.


Thank you for the link… we saw one of these a few days ago… and it took me by surprise as I’d not noticed a dragonfly with this colouring before.

Our usual visitor is the Emperor dragonfly… and other “dazzling damsels” of course…
Anax empereur (Anax imperator) - Les carnets nature de Jessica

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any news on the trapped “dragon” :wink:

They managed to get it out of the chimney intact I think but sadly it died :cry:

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Ah well, they did their best… sad though.


Lucky you to have a pet snake :wink:



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