Help! Taxation of UK investment funds

Hello any tax experts, I’m hoping that someone is able to help with my query as I can’t seem to find a definitive answer to it. Are notional distributions on UK investment accumulation funds taxable here in France (I am french tax resident)? The number of units in the fund remain the same just the value increases. My understanding that it is only when units are sold a tax liability in the form of capital gains tax arises here in France. (Notional distributions are taxed in UK as if they are actual received income.)
Fingers crossed that someone knows the answer to this as it is stressing me out.
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Hello Rebecca

I suspect there are many folk interested to learn more about this … :relaxed:

From a different website 2014:
It’s quite simple ; if the number of shares or units in the fund always stays the same , and the gains/interest are added to the NAV , then you need not declare as the eventual capital gain when taxed , will contain the added value . If you declare as income the gains will in effect be taxed twice.
If the gain is added to your holding in the form of extra shares/units , then it should be declared , as it is income which you have chosen to reinvest .

Thanks Melissa… very interesting…

Just wondering if anyone has more up to date info. as we are now in 2017 and that info related to 2014.

It may well be that the same things apply today, but you can never tell…
Taxmen are always seeking new ways to tax us if they can…:cry:

hi again - I had already read that particular link in my internet research and I really just wanted further confirmation from other people/ sources that this was the case. I am a worrier about this sort of thing!