Help translating a car part

hi all
I am in need of the plastic wheel arch protector for my car. You know, the plastic liner which fits to the underside of the wing to protect it from mud & stones. I cannot for the life of me think what is would be called in french. Any suggestions ?

Inner wing translates as “aile intérieur” and Googling that produces lots of images of parts that look like inner wings.

protection plastique des passages de roue. in English plastic wheel arch protector.

How about this or use Deepl translate

Which suggests “revêtement de passage de roue”, various other online searching offers " garnissages (or garniture) de passages de roues", “coques de …” or “garde-boue des roues” though the last doesn’t feel quite right because, while they are “mud guards” that evokes a different image.

Not so much in this case but I find that, as long as I can come up with a model number of what I want based on a search in English, searching French sites for that model number usually reveals the right French term for whatever it is. Which can then be used in further searches etc.

Arche protecteur de roue ?
Or “pare-boue” ?

Vous savez le truc là à l’ intérieur de l’aile, au dessus de la roue, ça sert de pare-boue, mais si, vous voyez ce que c’est ce machin etc etc


Go to the local auto caisse, they will know what to find for you and most likely have a wreck and the prices are very low too compared to dealers/internet. We got a wing mirror for a Peugeot pug some years back for €35, the Peugeot dealer wanted a couple of hundred euros plus!

Except the price of second hand parts has exploded , lack of available new parts and insurance companies repairing with second hand parts.

Still worth a try though, dealers are ripoff merchants of the first degree!

I didn’t say not to go , its just that the prices are becoming excessive.

Hahahaha, excellent !