Help - UK car in France

(Mark Dets) #21

Can the local dealership deal with the importation side of things I know I will have to pay for it

(stella wood) #22

Hi Mark…

You are beginning to lose me.

If you are bringing it in from UK… you need to get a Quitus Fiscal …from your local Customs … which will cost you nothing except your time. (more or less the only official document which is FREE !!)

Go and talk with your local Citroën dealer… they will tell you what they need.

(Mark Dets) #23

Sorry I have all the paperwork need to get the certificat d’immatriculation I just need to know if the dealership can process it all through ANTS for me as it seems no matter what I can’t use the site

(stella wood) #24

Mark… go to your dealership. Most/many are registered with the Prefecture, specifically to do this sort of thing, now that you cannot do it in person at the Prefecture itself.

If your local one is not able to do it for you… they will know a dealer who can.

(David Martin) #25

If you can’t log onto the site a friend or neighbour can on your behalf. The site itself will list local garages which will do the paperwork for you, your Citroen dealer may or may not be on that list.

(Gearoid Bolguidhir) #26

I’m working through this as well it’s pretty turgid

(stella wood) #27

We’re looking forward to hearing what your Garage says, Gerry… :slight_smile:

(Gearoid Bolguidhir) #28

Well, went to local garage listed from official and yes they do it. You need,

V5 (UK registration document)
MOT/CT (god only knows hwy but we;re hoping they’ll accept the UK one)
2 proof of address
Passport/ID Card
Drivers licence

She tried doing it online in front of us but couldn’t get it to work so we go back on Thursday as she will have spoken to the prefecture

And of course the cheque for €30

The saga remains open

(Dominic Miles) #29

In the U.K. beam deflectors will see a LHD car through the MoT, but if it is registered as a U.K. vehicle, it is still illegal to have the wrong headlights. MoT and the law are not joined up. You’d probably get away with LHD lights and beam deflectors indefinitely, but in a crash involving light conditions, your insurance would probably be invalidated. I imagine the same may be the case in France.

(Mark Dets) #30

Went to local dealership and very nice fella there told me they can do it which Im glad about but it’s going to cost me 320€ excluding the Coc 200€ lights tyres and exhaust to make it road legal another 450€ all tat to register a Citroën c15 on its home soil and the van only cost me 135 quid

(stella wood) #31

Mmm… seems you bought it very cheaply… and might now be paying the price ??

(Luiz Ravenscroft) #32

Hi we registered our freelander we got a coc €100 from land rover u.k. filled in the form from the prefecture handed it back with insurance certificate and u.k MOT less then six months old and a blank check. 1 week later cart griss arrived and a receipt for €460. Ouch but so easy.
Head lights bought on line for a third.of uk price half an hour to fit the pair.

(stella wood) #33

@Luiz … could you tell us how long ago that was, please.

(Gearoid Bolguidhir) #34

Hi where did you get headlights online?

(Luiz Ravenscroft) #35

Hi Stella. That was July 2016. Was really easy, Log book insurance and MOT and COC.
It might be we had insured the car here before reregistring as our uk insurance ran out. We are in dept 17.

(stella wood) #36

Hi Luiz… yes, when the Prefectures were open… it was possible to go there with a complete dossier…get seen and back to the parked-car, with it all done and dusted…before the free 15 minutes of parking had expired… :heart_eyes:

Not quite so easy nowadays… :persevere::persevere:

(Luiz Ravenscroft) #37

Hi freelancer headlights €67 each delivered . Price in UK £ 320 each
Passed the ct . Lamps included.

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(stella wood) #38

Hi looks to be a useful site. Thanks.

Could you please complete your Registration page with your full name… you’ve been with us some time and will have realized that we like to know with whom we are talking…

If you are unable to amend, post your full name here and I will amend your Registration for you…

(Mark Rimmer) #39

The registration system is now handled centrally similar to the UK’s DVLA. It is possible to access the service directly online or through a garage (does not have to be a dealer for your specific brand - in fact it I would avoid them in most cases!) who is authorised to provide this service. You can also go to your prefecture or sub prefecture but you will not get much guidance. They only offer you the use of a computer & if you are lucky a clerk to show you how to use it.
The system is still in its infancy so there can be delays & problems.

To register a car imported from another EU country the french government require the following:

You must have (or create) an ANTS user account. You must also identify yourself via France Connect (using the username and password of your Impots. gouv. fr or Ameli. fr account or Idn. laposte. fr or Mobile Connect and me).

In all cases:

1/ Original registration document.
If the vehicle registration document has been kept by the administrative authorities of the foreign country, an official document (such as an export certificate) issued by those authorities shall indicate this fact. The export document has been difficult to use in the past -DO NOT notify DVLA of export before you have your new Carte Grise!
2/ Proof of residence of less than 6 months (or, in the case of joint holders, proof of the person whose address will appear on the vehicle registration document)though not a water bill.
3/ Form cerfa n°13750*05 Demande de certificate d’immatriculation.
4/ Proof of roadworthiness testing, CT or UK MOT, if the vehicle is more than 4 years old and is not exempt from this requirement. The inspection must be less than 6 months old (when a counter-visit has been prescribed, within the 2 months) and must have been carried out in France or in the European Union if the vehicle was registered there. The technical inspection must be less than 6 months old on the day of the application for a registration document: if the deadline is exceeded, you will have to carry out a new inspection at your expense. A CT failure can still be used for registration presented within the 2 month window.
5/ Unless the application for registration bears an exemption granted by the tax authorities, tax clearance issued by the main tax revenue attesting that VAT has been paid in France. This is a Quittas Fiscal & is issued free of charge at the bigger Tresor Publics. This is not required for a trailer or caravan.
6/ If you are using someone else, a signed warrant and identification of the person for whom you are using the procedure. Garages provide a mandate.
7/ If the old foreign registration certificate cannot be provided or does not contain all the technical information necessary for registration, additional proof corresponding to your situation:
European certificate of conformity issued by the manufacturer, if necessary in a language other than French OR
Community type identification certificate OR
Single Record of Acceptance (ROA) issued by a Dreal

Your Passport, driving licence & proof of french insurance may also be asked for.

You may have heard that if you have a Euro number by section K on your V5C it is not necessary to have a c of c. In truth the presence of this number alone, whilst being good enough for a CT, it is only part of the information required by the authorities (See highlighted part above). DVLA do not always include the other requirements so if your V5c is rejected, don’t argue, go & slap the silly sod who gave you the duff acvice. Also, don’t try to cut corners by using a supplier of “independent” c of cs.

One point to note, from May this year the CT will cover more points but one change is that tape or stickers on UK headlights which for many years has not been acceptable despite a few CT stations letting them pass, will become acceptable but the fixation will have to be super accurate. It can only provide a flat beam & not mask the width of the beam throw.

(Mark Robbins) #40

Thanks Mark, useful, comprehensive, accurate and well put together.