Help us go Viral

Hi All, Germany calling.

I am sat using a tiny friends Notebook ins Vaterland, so I am hoping just to get the ball rolling: The Art Department has launched the first of a 16 page online monthly Art Mag... links can be found in the art Department. We really want this to go global, and believe that this is possible using ´SFN Power´

What we would like you to do is to find the links to the Mag published by ISSUU, or indeed the Pdf from the site and help us get it on the map. Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest email your chums, etc.

It would be great if you can find a little time to do this, and we feel that our Artist Members deserve the exposure, as does our wonderful SFN Network: So please, do what you can, downloads, comments etc and let us know briefly what you have carried out in this thread.

Thanking you all in anticipation

Ron Birks

Open publication - Free publishing -
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and Neil.... and CH and JH and general gang members

Hi Maria.... thanks.. I need to put a bit more effort in myself, but have a crisis @ the mo... any efforts will not be wasted, esp as we are publishing a new Mag every month and will continue to build a following.


HI Guys...quick update, 1150 views on the Issuu site 2 subscriptions, countelss Tweets, FBs etc thanks all.... next issue to be published in June. Keep on pumping it out there...It's only frickin' clickin'!! ( can you say that? ) tsk... too late it gone. Ron 61

Slightly off topic! I is thinking of starting a new thread ' Viral Ear hair growth and suggested coping mechanisms for the over 60s'

Stay cool dudes.

Dear Wass'name, you are so sweet, missing you


What a great job you've done, it was well worth all the hard work you put into it 24/7 (and Sheila) Very proud.

Sorry I've been a bit slow on this - I've "liked" it on FB and shared it on Twitter - though I've only just signed up on Twitter and not really sure what I'm doing yet!

Vanessa, thank you...... you are a sausage....sorry...German influence.

I "Liked" it from my Facebook account yesterday. I think it looks very professional - well done guys!

ART MAG Viral Push Team smashes through SFN Leader Board to Positiono Uno!!!!!!!!

Go Team!

Gooooooood Morning Art Lovers, Artists and Art Mag Germ-warfare Operatives.

I do hope that when we are 'bouncing' our links around to friends, foe, FB chums etc. that we are taking the opportunity to urge the recipients to do the same, and 'bounce' further... I often find that a little incentive helps..." Pass this on or you'll get a Slap"..."Pass this on or I'll tell" "Pass this on or the hamster gets it... your wife finds out....I won't let you know the clinic's results... whatever.

On a more technical note... we are already collating pics and stories for issue 2 of SFN Art-Village Online. We do aim to get 12 Issues out in as many months. The editorial Committee had decided that, special features ( Focus/Spotlight on ) would be the order of the day..But 'Press Release style Pics and Text would be accepted by Sheila and edited accordingly. This is still the case, and Sheila is more than happy to 'fine tune' text supplied.. into Journalese.

However, on the premise that in due course all Art Department Members who would be recognized as Artists ( as distinct from Designers/Photographers/Crafts folk ) will feature at some stage, it may make sense to compile your 'biog-text' and pics and submit them in anticipation. This will make the whole Selection/Production process easier. Worry ye not about word count, but use the current issue as a rough guide. DO, however ensure that your 'profile' pages are up to date, especially the 'contact details and respective links to your sites, Blogs and FB Pages.

Regarding, picture quality. You are more than welcome to submit HI Res Pics ( see James' Photo Back Page ) 10 megs and super sharp...although most other pics were taken from Neil's Gallery... I found that on average most pics there are about 500 kbs ( half a meg ) with one click I can double that...leaving us with a healthy 1xMB size file per picture. I think the results are quite acceptable...although I am tempted to 'auto balance' each one which has an affect on the 'correct' brilliance ( ie disappears any dullness or milkiness ) without disturbing colour/tone/hue etc.,

Be brave, be true, be creative and above all.....get clickin!!!!!

Hi All, slightly off topic, but I am hoping to hook up with Art Department Principal Neil Whitehead a little later this year with a view to pooling our 'Print Knowledge' experience and exploring the possibilities of 'group-purchase' print buying scheme for Art Group Members' fine Art Prints, cards, etc....

Originals are cumbersome and costly to despatch, but a wad of ( signed? ) finely printed posters, perhaps even under the SFN Brand, is not only easy to transport by Post, but the hi res files are also not a problem with today's technology.

Early days, but we may start a Post in the Art Department for discussion... and if anyone thinks that such a scheme is worth developing let us know.

some corking stuff here on Hauserwirth Marianne, thanks for the buzz!

Shirley, you are a Sweetie-Poppet!

Message to all. Just to say a big, big thank you all on behalf of the Artists for the tremendous support and confidence everyone has shown in this rightly deserved 'Push' on the SFN Art Mag.

I am not able to log in that often, as HQ is my 90 yr old Aunty's pad.... which for some strange reason does not have an internet connection....I am zooming about, Holland next, and seeing expos and museums ( like you do )

It has been mentioned before, but the infectious drive and enthusiasm I personally enjoy, stems from the quality of creativity of the Artists in our group, and the astounding community spirit, in all areas of interest, that this great network allows.

What excites me equally is the simple fact that we have only scratched the surface so far... and all of us in the Art Department, I'm sure, want to show the world what we can do, and with your continued support will, we will achieve this goal.

Go Art Deparment! Go Survive France Nework!

he he, excellent Marianne... getting pretty Viral already ( in a nice sort of way )

Thank you Graham... I shall check the Galerie Tremel page out, looks interesting... look froward to your contributions too.


I have now also posted this onto my former workplace’s website, gallery Hauser & Wirth , :slight_smile: Let’s see how far we can take this!!!