Help wanted! URGENT!

I’ve got a couple of features to write for France magazine and French Property News and for various reasons the people involved as case studies have dropped out at the 11th hour. Christmas and covid are not helping either! So if you live in , own property in (or for Mimizan have holidayed in) Manche, Calvados or Mimizan and would be up for a quick chat (phone or email) and would be happy to reveal why you bought in Manche and Calvados and be named and provide me with a couple of photos of you / your property for publication, I would be ETERNALLY grateful.

Or if you know of anyone who might fit the bill…?
Now off to continue wrapping presents and piling through the rest of my job list - arrrgh…!

Thank you! X

I can confirm that that there is no need to worry that things you say will be changed etc.
I contributed to an article on integration in France and was delighted with the result.


Manche/Calvados my target area. Renting nr Tovigni-s-Vire, Manche, waiting for sale of flat in VLC to fund a purchase. It is significant that the Spanish for ‘to wait’ and ‘to hope’ is the same word - ‘esperar’. One does a lot of ‘esperaring’ in Spain.

A couple of friends recently bought in ‘Normandy’. Apart from the price [in my price range] and that the agent was ‘very helpful’, info passed on by a mutual friend, I can’t get a word out of the buyers about this. Emails, love-ups on FB - no response at all. I will try to bestir them to contact you, tho’. But it’ll be ‘esperar’ time, for you too, I suspect.

Meanwhile, don’t go bigging the place up so that the prices go mad…

Hi Cat

We have had our property in La Manche, near Avranches since 2004, and have been permanent residents since 2016. Would be happy to help if you are stuck.

We are away until this afternoon, e-mail would be better for us.

Hope this helps

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Brilliant thanks very much! Can you send me your email via dm please? We have a property very close by so if we ever get to travel again, we might even get to meet in person! X