Help with a property containing asbestos!

Are there any resident experts on the forum for dealing with properties with asbestos ?

Looking for some opinions on a farm which has a outdoor building which contains asbestos. The house as such is fine, according to the DDT. Are there any resident French regulations which require the asbestos to be disposed off within a certain duration/corrective action to be taken ?

Any help or directions will be greatly appreciated.

What action did the DDT specify - we had a bit and the executive summary was “fine if not disturbed”

Same here.

The Diagnostics should have stated the condition of the asbestos as well as its presence, many older properties have asbestos in various forms (waste pipes, wall sheeting and corrugated roofs etc) so unless it’s breaking up there will not be a requirement to remove and replace.


No action recommended but advised to periodically check the state of the asbestos.

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Sounds like that’s what you need to do then :slight_smile:

As for disposal, should you wish, the local déchetterie should be able to help.

Or dig a large hole!

They won’t take it. It has to be disposed of by a specialist. The problems come with any renovation that requires removal. Unfortunately “digging a hole” seems to be the response of some builders as well.

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Ours does, or used to at any rate, but even if they won’t take it they might be able to point people in the right direction.

Our dechetterie group will take asbestos one day a year under certain conditions.

Ours will also…but omit “one day a year” but particulars are limited to 30kg per week in special bags, that are provided, free.

You’ll be telling me next they take old tyres! :upside_down_face:

They certainly do but again on specific days only.

Actually they take them in Cabourg, have a special container for it. Better in dechetterie than in the country side!

@tim17 @Annie2 I envy you! Maybe I should get in touch with Val de Garonne in January - nothing else to do after all! :rofl: