Help with electricity bill -TPN

Hi all

Just received a letter telling me that I can benefit from a "help to pay my electricity bill, special tarif, TPN. All I have to do is fill the form in, from details on my last bill and when it has been validated by their "methods" they tell my supplier (EDF) to apply a discount which would be applied to subsequent bill -yeah right!

All sounds a bit too good, so am naturally a bit suspicious. Anyone out there had a similar letter ever, replied to it and been through the process? If so, what was the outcome? big reductions? bombarded by yet more junk or phone calls? They dont ask for email addresses, just phone number and address.

Thanks, and happy new year to all


that link is very helpful clare, thanks.

Just one small point though - the link makes clear how one can get help obtaining CMU-C and I will chase this up with the RSI, but what is puzzling me is : if one is paying for the CMU (not CMU-C) as an AI though RSI contributions, then surely one cannot get any assistance in poaying for that (as one is already paying it);

what do you think?



Geoff this might help clarify

all this is very helpful info.

I am not sure whether to start a new thread or not - but - there is mention here of CMU-C and I have a question which one of you may be able to answer: My son is working as an AE but earns very little. I would think he is below the threshold for obtaining CMU-C but of course he is paying his cotisations anyway via RSI - so I guess that means he will get no further assistance?. Anybody any ideas on this one?



yep you can also get similar if you have astandard phone line (ie not the Free numbers starting 09) I get approx 20€ off my two monthly bill for electricity

Thanks, will fill the form in and send off. As " they" say, every little helps.

If you look at Mandys link in particular it mentions the income tax reference which is found on your French tax return. That should clarify it.

If you click on the links in this thread, I think you will finds it explains. The best thing would be to contact EDF and ask them on the English speaking line to clarify exactly how it is calculated.

Clare is that 2175€ per month income if so i am well below that as my wife does not qualify for pension yet she falls in the revised age retirement group

John, there are different income thresholds for different taxes and allowances, so, you may qualify for one but not another. The income threshold for the electricity is very low it is as low as 2175 euros depending on where you live, where as the tax d'hab is not just income but can be age related as well, so, you need to consider all the factors to determine if you qualify.

its gen… just complete and return…

I do not pay income tax nor tax habitation due to my income but as yet not heard about this apparently your details are sent direct from the tax office to EDF

It works fine for me. Just do as they say and you will get your reduced tarrif also for gas if you use it. No letters or telephone calls either.

This is called the tarif de première nécessité and is available to those who have the CMU complémentaire or receive l'assurance complémentaire santé (ACS) or have a low income. Lots more details here although it is in French. Hope this helps.

See EDF site here as well

This will tell you about your eligibility to this special reduction As you will see you have to have a very low income to benefit from this.

Just got our annual EDF bill, the TPN reduction was €62, not bad for a 2 minute form:slight_smile: