Help with Feral Cats

Hi Everyone,

Before I start this,I am an animal lover after all I am a Vegetarian! I have 4 chickens, 2 dogs and a cat and 3 children. My husband tells me that is enough and he , for once, is quite right!

At the moment we have 2 properties, where we live all the time in a small village with a garden and a property with a house which we are renovating! This property has 6 acres of land half wooded and half meadow. There are several outhouses there which we are using as storerooms as we have to empty half of our current house as it has been sold! All part of the master plan!

Anyhow yesterday we were at our other place when in one of the out houses we found 7 kittens! We know there were feral cats around as there were kittens last year which we could not reach! This year I guess that those kittens have reproduced! Some of the kittens are bigger than the others and have their eyes open. I thought it strange to find 2 sets of kittens together, unless they came from the same cat which I have never heard of before.

We can not afford to keep these cats and do not want them on the property, the dogs will bark all the time for one thing! So what should we do? Where can I take them? Any advice would be much appreciated.

The property is between Montauban and Gaillac so if any one wants to take them please let me know.

I look forward to hearing anyones comments.

Thank you


Hi Liz,

This is a problem that will continue if you don't put in place a trap-neuter-return programme. It is the only efficient and humain way to control cat populations and you are right to be worried, one healthy female cat can reproduce up to 3/4 times a year, delivering you with at least four kittens each time.

If you have feral kittens it depends how old they are as to whether they can be socialised.

Dear Liz

Have a look at who may be able to assist. It is easy to catch a cats using a trap. The trap doesnt harm them, but it does catch them, and then they can be taken to a vet to be given a health check and sterilised. The website will help you, and if you need further information then email the association.


Hi Carolyn,

The property is just inside 82 although I currently live in 31.

I don`t know how we would be able to catch the cats though to be neutered.

Can you pass on the info anyway though?



Dear Liz

If you live in "82" there is help available to you to assist with neutering feral cats.