Help with finding an old post

Hi! Festive greetings and hope you all have had a cool Yule!

A while ago I was sent a link to a post on SFN requesting English speaking homes to host French people wanting to learn English. This was a a month-or so ago I think. Can anyone remember this post/request or point me in the direction of the organisation making the request? I would like to know more info.

Best wishes,


Hi Briony,

Many thanks for your reply. Please do keep in touch as your business gets going. We have a self-sufficient small-holding and currently host people from all over the world through HelpX and WWOOF, many of whom have been French people wishing to improve their English - along with learning about self-sufficiency, permaculture and sustainable living. We are also an approved 'famille d'acceuil' initially through a Dutch fostering organisation. So when I saw the ad on SFN looking for English speaking homes in France it seemed like a natural progression!

All the best for 2012!


Hi Julie,

I am in the process of setting up a business part of which will be English families hosting French people who wish to improve their french without crossing the channel. I have no work for you as yet as I literally am still building the website and have various appointments with various officials over the coming weeks. Hopefully I may have some work for youa t ome stage!!