Help with France Telecom?

Hi Everybody,

Just changed my FT contract so that I only get one bill for services - for 40 euros a month I get my internet, free calls, French TV & my line rental, with all calls through my old number.

Unfortunately, they have once again added their answerphone service which I do not want. It always cuts in because the phone rings when I am in the shower or garden or log store or workshop or under a car & then I have to ring back. They have changed the system of cancelling the service, but I cannot work out what the new system is, so I throw myself on the merci of SFN & appeal for help! Otherwise the phones will join the pile of unco-operative electronic items outside my office window!

Why go with FT at all. I get all the same from SFR for only 34.90€ a month and when I switched to them I kept my old number. Oh, and the free calls are practically worldwide, so long as I ring fixed phones. The only drawback is that the phone is routed through the wifi box. If that breaks down, I don’t have either internet or telephone.

Saw Help and France Telecom. Stopped reading. Tis an impossible combination. I pay for extra TV channels which I didn’t ask for and don’t use…