Help with healthcare insurance

Can someone please help us with trying to arrange health insurance? We are moving to France next week and want to have cover to meet the requirements to apply for Carte de Sejours after 3mths residence but also want to know that we have cover for most health costs that may crop up. I have high blood pressure which is controlled with one prescription tablet per day and my husband takes occasional medication to control sporadic incidents of gout. The quotes that I have investigated seem to have extremely differing amounts. Any guidance on this would be appreciated.

There is an insurance drop down at the top of this page. That is what you need @fabien is highly recommended and specialises in Anglophones in exactly your position.

Yiu do already have your visas don’t you? Or one of you is European…

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Thank you for your reply. I have an EU passport my husband has UK. I have contacted Fabian but am not sure what we are covered for and if wr meet requirements to apply for Carte de sejours after 3 mths residence.

If you are EU all will be well, and Fabien can sort the health insurance. The team are english speakers if that helps.

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@fabien will always explain his policy recommendations in full. Have you asked him for clarification on any specific points?

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Good morning Maura,

We did confirm that our policy has been battle tested both for VISA and residency application but I also understand if you’d like to shop around of course :wink:

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Good morning,

Sorry for the delay in answering your email. I am in the middle of packing at the moment as the removal company is coming on Monday :woozy_face:. As soon I have finished I will have a closer look at the policy and get back to you.

Many thanks
Mary Chambers