Help with inheritance issue

Hello :-) I need advice on a long lost son from england who finally found his dad in france but he was ill in hospital and died a few days later. The son wants to deal with all the usual things after a death ie paperwork, bills outstanding, house sale, unblocking his dads bank account etc but apparently according to his deceased dads notaire, he has to have proof of any other brothers and sisters who might be in line for the inheritance before this can happen. I spoke to the notaire myself today and he has now said that he wouldn't touch this kind of 'problem' as it's too complicated. Can anyone advise me what I can do please? The son is really upset and doesn't know what to do eiher, it's all quite confusing. Thank you :-)

Sorry I can't help Allison although I had hoped that telling you of my mate's son's experiences would confirm the reluctance of a Notaire to act. Your friend will probably need the services of an Advocate although I have to say that my experience of them is not good. The reality of the situation your guy finds himself in is the reason there are many vacant houses still awaiting the French equivalent of probate. It's going to be a long haul & hopefully you will find someone here more knowledgeable than me. Best of luck!

The guys dad did not plan for his death and did not leave a will. I understand it's going to be a mess and very protracted, but I was just looking for someone who could perhaps point me in the right direction to help him through this difficult problem he has.

You know what they say. "Where there's a will there's a relative". Don't mean to be facetious but did the deceased leave a will or was he relying on the Napoleonic Laws in France to take care of things once he had popped his clogs? Either way it's likely to be a mess & the son should prepare himself for a protracted battle. I have seen these things take yonks. A good mate of mine died 4 years ago followed rapidly by his mum & dad. My mates son who is apparently first in line for the majority of both estates has yet to see a centime. The proceeds of the estate is still residing in the Notaire's account & he is in no hurry to dispense it. He's got a nice car though!!