(Junemitchell54) #1

Can anyone give me details of an English accountant or French one who speaks English and knows the tax laws near or in Villeneuve to help me with a stressing problem that has been ongoing for 2 years and now I am desperate to resolve thank you

(anon71231711) #2

When you say "knows the tax laws" do you mean French tax laws or UK tax laws? Or both? It's not clear from your post and it makes a very big difference...

(Junemitchell54) #3

Sorry I mean in both tax laws

(Sandy Hewlett) #4

I use a very good English accountant who does both our UK and French tax returns, everything is done by phone and email, message me and I will give you her details. Or, if you want a personal visit face to face, then I know an English accountant near Villeneuve who can discuss your French tax issues.

(Junemitchell54) #5

Thanks Sandy will message you

(Catharine Higginson) #6

Hi Sandy

Could I possibly have her details too please? Thanks! Cx