Does anyone know a way of getting rid of rabbits (humane preferably). We seem to have several families of the little furry things living in and digging up our garden and leaving little piles everywhere (which unfortunately our dog finds v. interesting not to say tasty!) I know this can cause problems for him so want to discourage/get rid of them. The problem is that we are surrounded by farm land so they have plenty of scope but have decided our garden is their favourite spot and there are several holes which I fill in one day only to find them re-opened the next. Any suggestions very gratefully received.

We went down the Jack Russell route. The rabbits are killed very quickly, baby ones eaten by him. Bigger ones, he seems to eat the inside and leave all the flesh for us!! A great combination.
Not too sure about catching them and letting them out somewhere else and whether that would be legal - I certainly wouldn’t want any let loose near here!
Something we have done is rabbit proof an area of our land for use as a garden and veg patch. The rest of the land is open and full of rabbits.

Hi Terry - thanks for the advice. Unfortunately fencing our whole property is not an option so I guess we will just have to put up with them. So far they have not eaten any veg.which we have covered. In the end, though, it may be war!

Buy a humane trap (a cage with a spring-loaded door), catch them and release them a very long way away. But first put a rabbit-proof fence round your property and bury it 30 cm into the ground so they can’t tunnel back in. Or at least to make it difficult. We did this when we first moved in 15 years ago and we’ve never had a problem despite being surrounded by rabbit condos in the neighbouring fields and roadsides. And/or get a Jack Russell/ferret.