Helping a French teacher looking for a job in Toulouse

(Loreleï Martinsse) #1

Hi everybody !

I’m a teacher of French as a foreign language in Toulouse. Unfortunately, although I’m a Sorbonne’s graduate and an experienced teacher, I can’t find a job in this town. Would you have any idea of places/entreprises which may recruit French teachers for foreigners ?
If by chance you are looking for a French teacher, I also give one-to-one lessons of oral and written French to adults and children. It would be a pleasure for me to help you improving your French, whatever level you are. Thanks for your help, advise and requests !



(Loreleï Martinsse) #2

Thanks a lot for your ‘advice’ :wink: and your correction. You’ve guessed English wasn’t my mother tongue…
Have a good day !

(Hilary Newhall) #3

Hi, Have you tried the Chambre de Commerce - our local one employs teachers of French, English, German, Spanish and Polish! Otherwise, private collèges or lycées would be worth trying too! Good luck! - Hilary

by the way, hope you don’t mind: you’re an ‘experienced’ teacher and “Thanks for your help ‘advise’ and ‘requests’”