Hempcrete insulation - Anyone with Experience of this?

Hi all,
Has anyone any experience of using Hempcrete to insulate internal walls?

Get a contractor to give you names of past clients, you can try ringing them.

Hi Veronique,
Not a fan of that route as contractor is only going to give me their favourite clients, that’s why I was hoping for personal feedback from people on here who may have had experience with it.
Thank you for your reply

My friend has done her barn renovation with it and is very pleased with it. It gives a nice ‘feeling’ to the room imo.

How is it for “insulation” purposes Tory… ??? any idea ???

I was looking into it for our future bedroom (have ended up going plasterboard route sadly) and I found information about it being pretty good insulation wise. You can do a 5cm coat on stone walls and I believe this is equivalent to plasterboard and insulation. I’m trying to think where I saw the details. Maybe the St Astier chaux website (PDFs / info in French and English - an excellent resource for all things chaux!). I’ll see if I can find it later.

It would certainly be interesting if you can provide a link… this sort of thing has a wide appeal… :slight_smile:

ahhh just found the St Astier page:

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The exact acoustic and thermic numbers can be found at the bottom of page 11 on the pdf downladable from the Sta Astier link above. It won’t let me copy to share on here.

I guess the OP wants to find some forumites who have had this put into their own properties… :thinking:

Hi all,
I believe it to be 4x the value of Polystyrene and Rockwool but the main benefit is it allows the solid walls to breathe. I just need to chat to somebody about the installation and pro’s and con’s.