Hi everyone!

Hello all,

Long time lurker here, moving to France (Brittany) later this year so I’m sure I’ll have a load of questions!



Welcome, @AndyD !

Welcome to SF.

Hi and ask away! We don’t bite (most of us anyway!)…

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To help you settle in, here are two vital links


Welcome @AndyD . Good luck with the move.

Haha :joy:

PS - welcome to the site, Andy. What attracted you to France and specifically to Brittany?

Welcome. I left Brittany to be nearer my family in the PO after 32 years last summer but will never forget all my wonderful memories I have. What part are you going to?

:notes: Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome :notes:


Bienvenue à SF Andy !

Welcome @AndyD to France and SF!

Enjoy scrolling through the many threads on this site. You may find answers to many of your questions, some even before you have them.:slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome @AndyD. You will find that whatever it is you need to know or need advice with, someone - or more - on SF will have been there/done that.

In fact, some apparently straightforward issues produce a storm of contradiction, which all adds to the fun :smile:


Oh no it doesn’t! (Couldn’t resist)


Thanks for the welcome all! Le mot is great fun porridge, hopefully I’ll learn at the same time…

My partner and I are looking at Morbihan to be closer to her family, and to bring our child up in the countryside.


If you go to Morbihan attracted by the proximaty to the Golfe, watch out. We bought a house in Auray 15 years back because I love the seaside but couldn’t afford anything near. In winter, it took us 20 mins to do the 14km from home to Carnac. In July it took a good hour and even more coming away from the beach at the same time as everyone else. The other thing to watch out for is that the seaseide ‘closes down’ except for school holidays !

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Yes, that happens here in the Medoc too. The seaside towns are bustling during summer, but empty from Oct - May, especially places like Soulac where lots of the houses are bought as secondary, summer houses or explicitly to rent out.

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I lived in a seaside village upto last year and yes, it does close down but it was the only times I ever went down on the beaches. Summer was horrendous, no parking,out of towners treating the place like they owned it and leaving rubbish behind and not very pleasant at all. I much preferred the quiet months to sit on the rocks, let the dog play in the surf and sand and just be glad to be alive. In fact, the lady who bought my house moved up from LaBaule because she could not stand it any longer inthe tourist months.


“Hello” to everyone on the site and the new arrivals too…
I’m also planning on moving to France next year., when I retire. Have lived in France before we came out of Europe and want to return. ““Happy Days””
Have just spent the last few hours reading lots of interesting posts on the subject. There’s lots to digest, that is for sure.
Thank you for adding me to the site.


Hi Kazza and welcome.

Hi and thank you for the welcome.
It looks to be a great, extrememly interesting site and I’m sure I will spend hours reading lots and lots of posts, old and new… !

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