Hi folks

hi there im new to sfn so wanted to say hello im came over here in jan 2011 to work with showjumpers but had my contract terminated due to a work related injury im now fit again and looking to expand my network of friends and maybe find a new job have a great day

Hi Tim,

Sorry to hear about your back troubles. Good luck on the job search.

hi guys sorry for the delayed reply my computer is nearly dead so il keep it brief .i started working with horses at 16 and have done time in varied yards mainly showjumpers eventing polo and hun ter livery yards,i quit in 99 when my then wife felt a career change was sensible haha.i spent 11 years in sales before returning to work in france on a private showjumping yard in 2011 which was great except for the snapped cruciate ligament 2 broken miniscs and terminated contract,if that doesnt sell me i dont knowwhat will

Hi Tim,

Welcome from me too! I hope you can find something suitable work wise. It might also help to tell us a little more about your experience, past work and what you are looking for?

Hi Tim

Nice to 'meet' you - get in touch with Martin Sheach via SFN - he breeds sports horses 'down here' - (we are close to Dax and he is about 45 mins from us) and knows lots of people. My mare is in foal to one of his stallions. Would like to chat more but haynets await in the pouring rain :(


Hi Tim, welcome to SFN!