Hi just to intro myself

Hi Im moving next 2017 to France just outside Paris. Bit nervous but also happy about it. Love to make new virtual and maybe real friends on here. Great site.


Hi there
I’m not in Paris any more since retirement, but if you are on the south or sw side of Paris and like sport, a good place to meet English and French people is the Standard Athletic Club in Meudon (they have a website of course). Good for tennis, squash, cricket, etc and outdoor pool in the summer + good social meetings, dinners etc
Bonne chance


Hello Anon, Where just outside Paris are you moving to? I’m on the close east side, just near Vincennes would be happy to meet up with you. The west side of Paris is where all the rich expats live. You will find plenty of them at the club Phillip suggested.I went there when I first arrived but soon realised I had nothing in common with them,I wouldn’t be in their social group if I were still in England. But if you are moving to that area it is very beautiful. Where are you moving from?

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Hello Justin! We live on the NW side of Paris in Garches which is beyond Boulogne. As someone said the West side is rather posh and that’s definitely true. That doesn’t mean you would have any special problems getting to know people. As anywhere, sports clubs are a good bet. So are swimming pools which we have in Garches with lots of activities. Do you speak French? If not then there are sites in the net where you hook up for nothing to do language exchange and that’s a good way to get to know virtual people and eventually meet them. We are retired international aid workers. My husband is French so we retired here after 25 years as expats in Africa and Asia. My family were from Halifax and I was brought up ‘Up North’!!

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Hello Justin,

Not sure if this comes too late (or maybe too early!) but I own an international moving company in France so please feel free to contact me if you require any help and advice for your move. Also, I’ve been living in France for 25 years so let me know if you have any general questions about life here.

Best regards,
Andrew Smith

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