Hideous France?

I know there's been more than a discussion or two surrounding the name of this site, but what's in a name eh? Well Hideous France was brought to my attention on twitter. It is a sad tale full of regret, vitriol and - well - xenophobia I suppose. What do you think?

I've come across this lot before. Whack jobs. All stems from a dispute with the neighbours.

I bet a pound/Euro to a penny/centime, that if he/she stacked up all the bad stories that appear in the UK that whoever is so resouceful with their venom here would cause a wave of emmigration away from the 'safety' of the British Isles. Bees in bonnets are seldom constructive.

How dreadful - sh1t happens I know but if this person had put as much creativity and energy into working with the authorities then I'm sure they would have found a result!