High Speed Internet

Hi all, this is the first time I've initiated a discussion - hope someone can help - does anyone have any recommendations re: high speed internet suppliers? I live in a small area that is very badly served but I need haut debit (and as fast and reliable as possible) for my work. am currently with TSF47 but I never get the amount of MB I pay for - I was with Orange before but it was hideously expensive which is why I changed. Any suggestions gratefully received! Many thanks

Many thanks to all who have answered my query - it's as I thought - I should really be living in a town to get the internet speed etc I need - I'm in a tiny commune of approx 100 people - in a 'dead' area re: internet coverage. I'm looking into satellite as it seems the best route to go for me. Thanks again all...

I've said it several times, but coming up two years ago our regional freebie magazine showed the upgrading to fibre optics, thus real possibility of truly high speed over 12 years. Between then and 2025 the 'entire' department is to be modernised. Firstly, the map is divided into communes marked in colours to show when the upgrading is scheduled. Of course the capital and then cities by size followed by towns are prioritised. Down the line small communes such as our own with only around a total of 400 inhabitants were at the end of the list. Not only that but what the text omitted to mention was the amount of empty space between the coloured communes. Those 'empty' bits are where the 12 year plan has no schedule whatsoever. Now, on the basis of times being kept in France is notional rather than real, perhaps the small communes might be up and running by 2030 and little corners like this still have to wait. There are many such corners in this department, thus one can deduce it will be much the same for most of the country.

By then the newer technologies will probably have superseded any form of cable delivery. It is already being said that once 5G telephony is available, still some time off in the early to mid 2020s, that wifi and fibre optics will merge, then when 6G arrives toward the end of the 20s/early 30s fibre optics will become obscure. So, that casts doubt on the who modernisation scheme and whether it might grind to a halt eventually.

Then there is improving satellite technology which, like television before it, offers an increasingly reliable and fast service. Thus far it is still expensive to any decent speeds and is occasionally effected by weather, particularly electrostatic disturbances or heavy cloud and wind combined, which has more to do with the receivers than the actual signals in the latter case. However, fairly recent article in The Washington Post reported a number of satellite launches forthcoming over the next couple of years and new companies entering the business which will increase competition. With a bit of luck that might help.

In the interim. We all dream of better services. Some of us will not live to see or use them.

The only difference between suppliers is in the price. The debit will be the same as, whichever supplier you chose, the stuff will be coming down the same copper wire. Your choice is between moving somewhere close to a fibre optic supply or staying where you are and taking out a satellite subscription.

Dream on Tina, what you are looking for is not available by the landline providers, the best you are going to get is a satellite internet connection it is a little bit faster but can be expensive depending on the download that you require.

If you do find a magical cure then please let us all know.