Highly trained pedigree German Shepherd needs new home asap

This post is from a group I belong to on Facebook. Marion is becoming increasingly worried because she has her hands full. If anyone can help, please let me know.

It breaks my heart but i'm giving away this beautiful german shepherd who is 8 years old the reason being i've just given birth to my second child and plan to go and live in a flat and won't be able to give him all the exercise he needs and he doesn't deserve to be shut up in such small confined place. I used to work as a dog handler so he is an ex security dog, so i'd prefer that he would go to a home with someone who has worked in this domaine or know's quite a lot about german shepherds or dogs in general. He is great with children, an excellent guard dog if you have a property to guard or just your home, the only small problem is that he does not get on with other dogs a part from small bitches maybe bigger if introduced properly. He is a pedigree, tattooed and has a passport. I will get these papers sorted if he goes to a new home.