Hiring garden help

Hello we’re at the age and stage that we’ve had to admit we need help with our large garden.I did read somewhere that you can claim some of the costs back if you are of a certain age ! Has anybody done this, how does it work, where do we apply ??? and all the basic questions etc . Many thanks

A timely question Elaine Marie. I’m going to investigate this very matter myself over the next month or do.


We work for an elderly lady (83 years young) and she gets a rebate of 50% from the impots for everything we do, whilst we submit monthly invoices to her she has to date not had to show these to anyone.

We have 2hrs week help, and the 50% of the costs can be set against tax (or reimbursed if you don’t pay enough tax). You have to use someone who is registered as “service à la personne”, and there is a list of things that are eligible.

You claim it via your tax return, and whilst you don’t have to send in the paperwork they can ask to see it for up to 3? 7? years, so it does need to exist.

And there are different ways to employ someone. I would not recommend you employ directly as it’s a minefield. Using cheque emploi or via another organisation is better.