Historic car insurance during/after restoration

I am looking to insure a historic (52 year old) car. I have bought it, it is being delivered soon and it will be in my garage for some time (weeks/months) while I check it, replace some things and repair where needed. It has a CT (early June) but I don’t think I’ll be able to sort out the few ‘majeure’ things needed within the 2 month limit.
If I can’t, does that just mean it will need a new CT done, rather than a contre-visite?
Insurance - I have been looking online and was astonished to find the tiny annual cost (€29). Reading deep into the terms and conditions it seems that it is a piggy-back onto existing car insurance. Indeed, you can only get an online quote if you answer positively question one - do you have a car insured at this time .
Could someone please throw any light on these points?

I seem to recall a similar situation with my 1961 Ondine… no way could we get the work done in time. Eventually we ended up paying for a completely new CT, when it was actually able to make it to the Testing Station.

It’s just one of those things… not an exorbitant fee in any case.

Of course, the vehicle can’t go out and about, until it’s made that trip to the Testing Station…
When my Ondine was finally ready, our chappie provided a documented appointment for us to wave if we got stopped en route to him.

Does @fabien do Insurance for “collection/historic” cars ???

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When it expires you need to have a new CT done indeed. Regarding insurance we do vintage/collection/historic vehicles indeed. Depending on the value of the vehicle (it depends on the insurer but it’s often above 20.000€) you may need an official valuation to get it insured for the value you want. Regarding the premium, I’m certain that 29€ per annum definitely isn’t possible, not even close. At best that’s a road-side assistance policy. With that type of vehicle you can stick with third party cover or go with fully comp depending on the value you want to be insured for. Also, an important point to remember, it’s not legally possible to be insured fully comp if the vehicle is under foreign plates, even if you get a fully comp insurance, in case of a claim, the cover will revert to third party if it’s foreign registered. If you’d like us to help you can file an inquiry directly from https://www.fabfrenchinsurance.com/


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I have 3 voiture de collection and I have just insured the 3rd one this week the first 2 are insured with https://www.amv.fr/ and have shopped around for a competative quote but AMV are the cheapest . interstingly all the other devis were within 20 euros of each other. I have the max cover that is available.
Responsabilité civile
Défense pénale et recours suite à accident (D.P.R.S.A)
Sécurité Conducteur
Vol, Incendie
Catastrophes naturelles
Catastrophes technologiques
Dommages Accident(“Tous risques”)
AMV Assistance 01 41 85 95 56
Bris de glace 465 €

and the premium is 130 euros per car.
2 of my cars are 1963 an1964 the new one is 1937 and being prior to 1960 is exempt from the CT so your 52 year old car will not need an CT see

Technical inspection of a collector vehicle: what are the rules? | service-public.fr

Hope this helps.
What is your Car and what dept are located we are in the Orne 61