Historic vehicle query

Here’s one for those who love a puzzle. A friend (who doesn’t speak French), has acquired an old (70’s?) Renault 4 which unfortuately doesn’t have its registration document (carte grise). Does anyone know how to go about getting one. (The website Perte, vol ou détérioration de la carte grise : demande de duplicata (interieur.gouv.fr) doesn’t help!)

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@Mark_Rimmer is your go to place for advice on this.

A pal of mine has a Citroen Ami in a similar predicament Chris. We’ve had three attempts at registration so far, so any advice from Mark would be appreciated. One friend of mine got so frustrated that they brought their car to the UK, where less documentation is required, registered it and then brought it back here and got a CG no problem. That’s possibly a less easy route after Brexit but the real issue for us is having to drive the poor old Ami to Calais. It’d take us a week, and who want’s to stay in hotels now?