History of our house

We are just wondering if anyone knows how to research a house history in France, we don’t even know how old ours is in Miribel Les Echelles in Isere

thanks for any tips


You may need to visit the Archives for your Department… not sure if buildings are on-line…

Other than that, talk with neighbours… and at the Mairie for the Cadastrale Napoléonien, amongst other things…

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Depend on how old is your house. Here is a link for “carte de Cassini”, won’t show your house, but that’s one of the older map on lin (1700) https://www.geoportail.gouv.fr/donnees/carte-de-cassini . You can also search for cadastre Napoléonien which is more detailed : http://www.archives.ain.fr/archive/recherche/cadastre

Thanks Stella and Babeth