Holiday booked in France

I have become totally baffled by the variety of seemingly conflicting information I can get here in UK so please if anyone can find a few minutes to enlighten me that would be great.

I have booked a gite in Pyrénées-Atlantiques and the plan was to pop out of Eurotunnel on 14th August, then drive down, with two overnights in Ibis Budget, for two weeks.

There are so many imponderables as to whether it is even sensible to still try and come over but we just love France so much… you know what I mean… Does this still look viable folks?

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You are as clued up as we are.
It depends what happens after the 15th June as to what France does with its borders, in collaboration with the EU and also, of course, conditional upon the state of the virus in any of the respective countries.
It also depends on the status of those to whom they open their borders.
Any wiser?

Thanks… Pity the picture on my crystal ball is so hazy eh: :slight_smile:

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May I suggest that you look at The Local France, who keep everyone up to date. It is free at the moment.

I have just applied for a refund on a flight in June,my hope is to get out Septemberish maybe early October. I reckon if the Tour goes ahead I will be able to have a holiday

Ta for that I’ll keep any eye. Plus of course will I get health insurance, breakdown cover etc etc.

Might just start the argument for a refund…

Hey ho - thanks for your help…

Tour is looking less likely…but August is looking as if it might be ok for holidays. There is quite bit of pressure from the tourist industry in France (9% of GDP) to open the border to the rest of Europe. However, the numbers will dictate whether that happens, and if so with or without quarantine. So anyone’s guess right now.

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Thanks Jane

Thanks Ed

Although they are not 100% accurate all the time. I use it to alert me if something potentially interesting has been said, but then cross-check with the original source.

A lot better than the Connexion!

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A refund depends upon the terms you signed in your booking agreement.

Very true!!

What I’ve understood from what I’ve heard is that it’s quite likely that people resident in France will be able to travel for holidays within France in July and August. That will mean that accommodation, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions are likely to be open as normal. Whether that will be opened up to non residents is something quite different.
The only thing to do is to be patient and understand that channel crossing providers selling tickets is no gauge of people actually being able to travel on those dates.


I’m more optimistic and think that tourists from within Europe will be allowed to travel here.

It’s quite likely but at the moment only time will tell for sure.

FWIW, the Prefet de Corse has decided to open up the beaches in Corsica for this coming Ascension bank holiday.

Well Steve, given the progress that has ben made in the last two months and hopefully without a major flare up or second wave I would expect things to be back to a new normal by mid August. However that could just be hopeful thinking as my daughter is meant to be flying back from Oz to get married here in mid September. However, all the “subcontractors” and the venue seem positive about it happening at the moment - which wasn’t the case a month ago.

The as normal will, in effect, be if the proprietors think that it is commercially worth it given the restrictions of social distancing and the amount of customers that they can then serve.

In Morbihan (56) several Mairies have asked the Prefect to close the beaches again due to people ignoring social distancing and non-compliance with municipal by-laws. The beaches were only reopened last weekend but typically some people have totally flouted the rules and have spoiled it for everyone else.