Holiday let

200 year old farm house to let for holidays. Situated in Cambernon Normandy. Sleeps 8 , well equipped. Ideal for D day beaches for further details .

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Hi Mark & Maria - what’s your target audience I wonder? Looks ok but most folks on here live in France…


…or they have their own holiday home already.

This is a fabulous forum but perhaps not the best place to advertise a holiday let.

Best of luck with it.


It looks really nice. I hope you get some customers.


Hi yes trying to rent out our house for holiday let’s. We don’t run it as a business but a few rentals would be great :joy:.

Not sure what you mean… if you’re renting out as a holiday let then it is a business i.e. declarable income in France.

We obviously declare anything we make , we fill tax forms . I mean we rent out but not as a business and rent it all the time if that makes sense .

No sorry you’ve lost me - apologies if I’m being thick! :wink: You must have a SIRET number to be able to declare the revenue - regardless of your setup.

If you are renting it out for holidays then surely it is a business ?


As I understand it in most departments (eg not Paris) you can rent your home for a period not exceeding 90 days without having to register at the Marie or establish a business. You just declare réel on your tax form.

Not so - you’ve misunderstood! You need a SIRET to declare the income on your tax form by completing form POi and sending it to your local tax office (dept CFE).

Declaring réel means providing full accounts i.e. revenue / expenses but you’ll still need a SIRET to declare.

As a general rule - always wise to register your holiday let with your Mairie - no matter what.


I would think if letting a house if only occasionally then insurance would be my main concern.

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I thought you had to declare a rental property to the Maire by law Simon ?

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Yep you do! (relevant legislation is referenced on the cerfa)

Okay, I live in the UK . My partner and I have our farm house for our own personal holidays. We occasionally let it out to friends, yes they pay. We have insurance , pay tax and anything else we are supposed to pay… everything is above board. I am not trying to do anything underhand.

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One of the things I like about France is that if you have a query about tax or work related stuff you can actually see someone face to face. I’d therefore suggest Mike and Maria start at the Mairie and go from there.

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Hi Mark and Maria

I’m sure no-one is suggesting you are trying to do anything underhand.

Quite often folk are unaware of their obligations to French laws re all sorts of things. It can be quite frightening (certainly disconcerting) for the unwary, if the Powers that Be suddenly descend - demanding their pound of flesh. :zipper_mouth_face:

This is why folk chime-in with all sorts of info/advice/whatever.

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Brilliant - as it should be!

Sorry if I sounded a bit pedantic - it’s just that so many people with second / holiday homes in France don’t declare rental income to the French tax authorities (the ‘fisc’). The fisc are having a major clampdown on holiday rentals due to the surge in online booking platform activity - all mairies are required to identify actual and possible rental properties.
Anyway - you’re making your income declarations in France so all’s good! Best of luck for this season!

Ah, if it’s a second home and you are non-resident then a different situation! I was thinking that it was short term rentals of your principal residence, where there are extra freedoms.

So yes, you have to do the whole rental administrative thing…and check re tourist tax too.