Holiday rental (gite) or long term rental

  • We were proposing to operate a gite for the first time this year, and understood we need to register this at the local Mairie, but have been approached by three individuals to collectively rent the house on a long term basis. We had heard there can be problems with the latter e.g. removal if needed.

If it is a long term lease contract you cannot terminate the lease contract before the end of ist contractual duration, unless you want to live yourself in the house or you intend to sell it. I remind you that the landlord must give notice to the tenant at least 6 month before the end of the contract (while the tenantshould give it 3 months before leaving).

If the tenant does not vacate when he should and/or is in breach of the contract it is quite difficult to get him out by law (not during the winter months for example). It may take 2-3 years.

If you decide to go for the long term lease, have a good background check of your to be tenants...