Holiday Souvenirs

What is your idea of a holiday souvenir ???

For us it is either a bottle of local brew or whatever local delicacy… or both :smiley::upside_down_face: but all bought and paid for…:hugs:

and watch out what you get up to in France and the French Territories

I recall our first trip to Spain in the 1980s, we went to a ‘traditional’ Spanish restaurant and order a dozen snails each as our entrée.

We set a dozen shells aside to take home as a ‘curious’ souvenir, but the chef wouldn’t allow it as he used them again, using tinned snails as a filler!

They weren’t in the slightest embarrassed about recycling old shells. “You pay for the snails, not the shells” (with a grin) :joy:

I like a fridge magnet, as gaudy and tacky as possible.


Apparantly, according to a recent Bureau de Tourisme survey, fridge magnets top the list of souvenir purchases by visitors to Normandy, followed by miniature Tours Eiffel… :scream::upside_down_face::thinking:

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Ever since my dad bought the first family motorhome in 1973, our souvenirs have been stickers and pin badges of places and towns we have visited.

Flo and I have continued that tradition with our current motorhome - although it is getting more and more difficult to find the traditional ‘shield’ town stickers these days…

There are a few more on this wall now than shown here:

And above the windows are our pin-badges: