Holiday Tipping

That’s just… wow :open_mouth:

The relationship between gifts and inheritance tax is complex in the UK but gifts of up to £250 are exempt from tax for both the donor and recipient.

Don’t get started on gifts and inheritance tax… :slight_smile:

Oh, go-on, you’ve got me curious now :slight_smile:

Our Dames de Lundi all give a gift to each other at the special lunch we have before Christmas.
This year I will be giving home made membrillo and a packet of attractive paper napkins.
I have knitted a cravat for my neighbour and will buy something for another friend.
We enjoy finding something interesting and inexpensive to say thank you for the friendship we have throughout the year.
We also give to the post lady and the Pompiers.


Well the profits from our pompiers calendars don’t go toward a party. They go largely to a project they run in Madagascar where they equip and train firefighters.

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Sounds delicious Jane…

and home-made/handcrafted gifts, are always a favourite idea… :hugs:

Brilliant! I wish ours did similar!

Does anyone else find it a bit sad that a conversation that started about thanking people and generosity has ended up in discusssions about being guided by what the tax man allows you to do, not what you feel is the right or generous thing to do?


I don’t really think the tax man cares if you give a small tip in cash. If they did, then they would be lining up at the supermarket/brico/fuel stations asking half the people why are you paying in cash and where did it come from?

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What is sad… is that this all stems from the years, and years when so many folk “worked on the black” …

The Tax Man, is cracking down on undocumented-cash transactions in an effort to stop the illegal working…

If you know someone in financial difficulty/shortage… why not put together a “Christmas Hamper” type of gift (large or small) … of whatever is deemed appropriate.

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Now then Mark… Tax Men read forums you know… no need to give them any ideas… :wink::thinking::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::zipper_mouth_face:

I did see one gent arguing with a “beggar” the other week… the language was swift (and perhaps fruity)… but the gist was… "you’ve more money than I have… get out of here… " :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Actually Jane… the OP asked about the local customs… in particular for Handyman/Gardner.

I really thought you had written about people that “worked on their back” - but I think that this is a very different industry!



I really do need to stop highlighting where I see something that really isn’t there, in what has been written - it is perhaps showing the true me!


But one presumes not merely for ethnographic reasons, but in order to thank people and be generous…

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I thank people all the time… for a job well done… they do not expect me to give them money… at Christmas or at any other time…

They have done a good job (albeit the job they are paid to do) and they glow in the warmth of my praise…

Throughout the year… I may take odd goodies (home-made) to the Mairie and all the cantoniers etc enjoy tasting them… but that is just a bit of fun between friends…

And, actually, yes, I did presume Ashley was asking about customs… here in France…

therefore… yes, I thought Ashley was asking what was the custom that French folk had (if any) for holiday tipping… :sunglasses:

The chat moved onto Christmas Boxes (traditionally money) given to tradesmen etc at Christmas…(certainly used to be a UK tradition).

… from there the chat moved in all sorts of directions.

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Stella, Yes, I was asking about what the French customs were for holiday tipping because as I mentioned, it is the first year that my husband and I will be living here during the holidays. We moved here in the middle of the year. I am originally from the U.S. and it is common practice to tip certain people that you see throughout the year (e.g. mail carrier, hair stylist, pet sitter, etc.) towards the end of the year as an additional thank you for a job well done.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and comments. They have been very helpful.

The only people who call round this time of year are the pompiers with their calander…the first Xmas I only had €2…last Xmas and this Xmas I gave them €5 and got a calander and a receipt…this year I aim to give my post lady a box of chocolates…x :slight_smile:

I really dislike this draconian dictatorial concept of coercing/threatening people to stop using cash as a method of exchange…the powers that think they be would no doubt prefer all currency exchange to be digital and the social crediting system rolling out in China is something to be avoided as far as I can see…

I won’t use the self checkouts in supermarkets…I would rather queue and interact face to face with a human being than a faceless AI algorithm…

If I want to give a few euros to a homeless person or a street artist then I’m gonna continue to do so…in cash…

It really annoys me…


I was at our Mairie this afternoon… and had the opportunity to ask the ladies who work there…

One of them spoke of when she worked in Paris and lived in an apartment block, which had a concierge/housekeeper. It was the custom to give the concierge an annual “tip”… the amount depending on one’s financial status (Paris and other large cities I suppose)… other than that, the Post, Fireman… oh… and the hairdresser (she said) … always keep the Hairdresser happy. :hugs:

now that she lives in our commune: … Post/Fireman… and, of course, the Hairdresser…:hugs:

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