Holidaying with a "Dangerous Dog" - does anyone know the rules?

This got me wondering because I saw someone ask if it's okay for them to bring their Staffie on holiday to France with them. And I actually don't know! I've tried looking on the service-public site where of course they set out the rules and regs for owning a category 1 or 2 in France. But what about temporary stays for holidays? I know category 1 & 2 aren't even allowed to "fly" (whether that's just Air France or not I'm not sure) but is that just, for example, for France to the UK or would it apply UK to France as well? I think you may see why I'm confused.

Does anyone know the rules that would apply?

Hmm, yes…not sure what else to suggest but speak to their wet and maybe the French a Embassy in the UK too…

Yes, it would certainly need all paperwork plus proof of a rabies shot and be muzzled in public. I've been delving further and there seems to be such a Catch 22 situation that several sites advise against bringing any category 1 or 2 dog into France, even for a week's holiday.

The Catch 22 is a UK owner (I'm just using UK as an example) can have all the paperwork up to speed but it's not French paperwork. In France owners of a Cat 1/2 need the registration card (or ID card - can't remember what it's called) to prove that the dog has been registered, undergone the behavioural assessments etc and the owner the "training" course, none of which a UK owner would have without jumping through the hoops in France. And to do that in France they need to have the dog with them. But the dog's not meant to be in France without papers. Do you see what I mean? It's goes round in blooming circles.

I would have thought if they have the pet passport, keep the dog on-leash and muzzled EVERY time they're out in public they may be okay because no-one would have reason to question them. If they have a thoroughly lovable dog that bears a faint resemblance to an American Staff for example thoroughly enjoying itself racing up and down the beach they could fall foul of the law.

Hi Valerie, I would have thought that anybody coming into France with their dog, would have to do their research, and first call I would have thought would be to threir vet, just a phone call should do it. The dog must be chipped, and the vet will explain timing, and the dog will need a pet passport etc. The dog will either be allowed into France or not, be it one day or months, holiday or not! Think most people drive via the Euro Tunnel, as it’s straight forward and quick from the UK, and a lot less stressful for the dog, as on most crossings you have to leave your dog in the car. On the way back to the UK, they would need to see a vet max 5 days before departure and min 48hrs before departure.