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I'm wondering if some of you who have lived in France for a while can help me. I recently purchased an apartment and asked my lawyer t(who is French) to organize the insurance. He sent me documents to complete and to be returned to the insurance agent. One gave a contract number and was called Information préalable à la souscription de votre contrat HABITATION . The other was conditions particulars. I completed both forms, sent money and waited. Nothing came back, No receipt/no Certificate of Insurance. I contacted the agency twice. The second time they replied as below:

Je ne comprend pas ce que souhaitez comme document.

En pièce jointe, vous avez bien les conditions particulières du contrat. Je vous rajoute les conditions générales.

Pour ce qui est de votre adresse, nous faisons le rectificatif par transaction interne, le contrat reste lui identique.

Nous vous confirmons que (lawyer) nous a bien transmis votre règlement, et que votre contrat est bien en cours.

Can someone tell me if this is normal. Is there no such thing as a Certificate of Insurance in France? I feel uncomfortable not having one or even a receipt of payment but I am aware that things are done differently in France.

Also--does anyone know of any number where I could contact AXA directly (they are the insurer) - preferably in English. I have done a few internet searches and only turn up agencies which I find strange as I am accustomed to dealing with companies directly.

Thanks heaps for any answers.


Thanks. I have the agency contact details from my lawyer and asked them for some proof of insurance. Their answer is above. I have concluded my business with the lawyer and when I approached him, he referred me to the agency who sent me a copy of the conditions generals and I received a copy of the particulieres before payment ( it was what I had to sign)--but neither of these are a certificate of insurance or proof of insurance as I understand it I guess I want something that says I paid this much money and I am insured from this date to that. But perhaps this is my own cultural understanding?

Hi Denise

on this site you'll find the usual procedure when dealing with an housing insurance. Seems that they didn't return a copy of the contract (conditions particulières et condtions générales) and proof of insurance. It's possible that they've sent it to the lawyer?

As for dealing with companies directly: in France the insurance company is usually represented by smaller, local offices. But your lawyer might also have concluded the insurance via internet etc. Give him a call and ask for his AXA-contact details..

From experience it depends on the company, we've got nothing from Groupama for example, but had a certificate from Aviva while Macif give you the option of downloading a copy... just ask for an attestation if you want/need a certificate and you'll get one straight away (people often ask as it's there proof of responsabilité civile insurance which is a legal requirememnt in France! - our kids' school always asks for a copy at hte start of the year)