Home Insurance - Are we paying too much?

(stella wood) #21

Thankfully, very few people suffer the trauma of losing absolutely everything… but when it does occur… it is surprising how out-of-date we can be about the costs of replacing… absolutely everything… the building itself, clothing, furniture, kitchen/dining stuff etc etc… :thinking:

As I have said… read all the small print, note the limits on claiming… and make sure you are happy with it all… :relaxed:

(Umar Khan) #22

Thank you all for your much valued advice, it is much appreciated.

We will certainly be having a reassessment of the insurance when we visit france next week. Will also contact Fabian as per your suggesstions. Will let you all know the outcome soon so stay tuned!

(stella wood) #23

Hi Umar… just re-read your original Post…

The fact that you rent out… to airbnb folk … could well be the reason for the hike in price… …

For most of us who replied to you… we were talking about our own homes/second homes… not quite the same thing at all.

but @fabien will certainly give you best advice…

Bet you are looking forward to next week… France awaits you !!! :grin:

(Fabien Pelissier) #24

340e for almost a couple hundred sq meters is really cheap :wink:

(Umar Khan) #25

Thanks Stella - our cover increased by about 120 Euros only after we took out cover. We’ve only rented our property for 3 weeks total in a year as it is really our second home.

(stella wood) #26

Mmm… you are confusing me… doesn’t take that much with this heat… but…if your property is rented out (no matter how briefly) in my mind there is more “risk” to insure than if it is just you…

Really do suggest you talk with @fabien he has done wonders for me and others… but each person’s situation is different…

(Fabien Pelissier) #27

Perhaps you were provided with a commercial offer this is quite usual (AXA offered up to 6 months once so when the offer ends the increase is quite massive)… Anyway like @smwsplr said each case is different.