Home Needed

One of our most loyal clients over the past five years has been Mr S., the owner of a male Chocolate Labrador named Uno.

This morning we had a phone call from Mr S.'s family to say that Uno needed a new home as his owner died yesterday of a brain tumor, and Mrs S. could not mange the dog.

Uno is six years of age and was bred by one of France's leading breeders of Chocolate Labs. Uno's line is free of both congenital Hip and Eye problems. His owner was not allowed to have a dog as a child, with the result that Uno has been spoiled. Choclate Labs are famous for being big, and Uno is a big, bouncy, fun loving lad. Perhaps a little too big, which makes it difficult for an elderly widow to handle him. Hence, Uno needs a new, loving owner.

To see Uno go to http://www.deuxpins.com/Boarders1.htm and click on the picture to access the Utube clip. Uno comes onto the screen about 29 secs into the video clip.

Thank you for reading this: Alan Strathummel Gundogs and Chenil Des Deux Pins

Oh gosh he's lovely. I've been sitting here umming and ahhing but with 'sensible head' on, I don't think I could cope with five. The two foster dogs can be a bit of a handful purely due to their old age but that's not their fault and it would be mean simply to dump them back in the SPA. I think he will very, very soon find a loving home but I'll be keeping watch for developments...