Home owner declaration

I have, like countless others, to make this home owner declaration before the 30th, I think.
My problem, it appears, is that my previous online dealings with the tax have been via a now defunct email address, that’s not been used for many a year.
So the question is "How do I update my personal details in the gouv.fr impots site, with an out of date address ?
Hoping for a quick & easy solution.


A mate who had a similar problem got a lady at our local France Services on the case and she fixed it very quickly (they may have more powers than we do!)

Okay thank you.
I’m going to have to Google what “France Services” is, as I’m a bit out of the loop presently.

Most local small towns now have one - it’s a sort of outpost of the state helping people with tax and other goverment-related necessities! It’s to save people travelling to the main centres and also to help people who aren’t au fait with on-line facilities to deal with those.

You can find your local France Services on this map - just enter your address:


Oh bollox - been meaning to sort this, was there a deadline :frowning:

Mind you the amount of official communication regarding the declaration appears to have been zero.

That said I’m pretty sure the classification will be correct - the local trésor definitely has the house as a maison secondaire and (assuming French agencies join the dots) I filled in the census with that info.

30th June 2023… but might be extended … in some areas… depending on how much hassle everyone is giving/getting…

I just realized that ours is at the mairie.
Phoned them to ask & they gave me a number to call to get a one-time link to the tax site.
Haven’t had time so far to try…& thus fail miserably

nah… you’re not failing, you’re doing the best you can… .like most of us…

Also, I’m given to understand that this declaration is for everyone that owns a house in France, be it principal or secondary residence…
Is this the case ?

just give it a go… you’ll be ok…

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The eternal optimist Stella…thank you :rofl:

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Glad you about again… you’ve been very quiet and I was crossing fingers that all was well.
take care…

So had we! OH going into hospital fortunately forced our deadline to the beginning of June. In fact it’s very easy.

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Yep all good currently thank you

Hope you’re well

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I’m slightly bothered by the fact that I don’t have an espace on the impôts site (and don’t have the right numbers to set one up), but I’ll try to check to see how far I get in the next couple of days.

We used the links in the thread to get the number with a scan of the passport, it was pretty straight forward with the odd page available in English took less time than expected.

Well, well, well - they finally wrote (to my UK address).

I know that “it’s your responsibility to be aware of legislation which affects you” but outwith being signed up to forums like this one, which accounts for a tiny fraction of 2nd home owners how the heck are you supposed to find out?

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Perhaps they’re sending letters to those folk for whom they have no email address.

I know they’re sending out email Reminders …
well, I’m sure we’re not the only ones they’ve reminded… :wink:

They can “see” that we’ve visited, read the bumf… but not yet completed the necessary (due to queries)… now they’re telling us that even if we have queries… we need to confirm who lives where… or something like that…

When will you next be back there Billy?