Homeless profit from cancelled wedding

What a nice gesture…

I’m sure “the homeless” will really appreciate the canapés. Thirty thousand bucks for a wedding reception. For shame.

Maybe the “homeless” will appreciate the food and champagne!
Possibly more than the dustbin of life.
People come from all over the world to spend their 30 thousand and more to have their
wedding receptions in the chateaux of our region. They save, borrow and dream of the day
when they can gather with their nearest and dearest in a great display of joy and opulence.
Life is about dreaming…when the dreams end life drifts by too.


I hear what you say… but… I still think it was a great gesture…why let stuff go to waste… and by the sound of the report… everyone had a great time, after all…:grinning:

Weddings come at a cost. My Dad told me he had a sum put by… how did I want to spend it …on a Reception or have it towards furnishing our new home… choice was ours. :grinning: