Homework Club

(Catharine Higginson) #1

Do you think it would be a good idea to have a group where kids from CP onwards can ask questions about homework problems / issues and mums / dads can have a good moan about the joys of teaching kids long division French style?

There are quite a few older kids on the network who have been through the system and who could probably offer help and assistance to younger ones.

Do you think a group is an idea or would a thread like this suffice?

(Jennifer Clayton) #2

When Jake was in CP we would write any unfamiliar words on a big list in the kitchen, then we couldn’t fail to notice it every day. Useless things like “nenuphar” spring to mind haha! (waterlily!) Over the year it proved quite useful.

(Natasha Wright) #3

Oh Tracey I am so glad you said this as this is how I feel too! My 6 yr old has started CP this week and although I know he will be fine he brought home a reading book tonight which he seemed to read brilliantly HOWEVER there were a few words that I am not familiar with and for all I know he could be pronouncing them totally wrong!

Natasha x

(Kathryn Dobson) #4

I’m not sure I should be encouraging my girls to spend even more time on line, but I’m sure that my 3 girls from CM1 to 4eme would happily join in. I would be great if we could encourage them to write in Eng too!

(Tracy Thurling) #5

I think it’s a great idea - just looking at the books my little brought home already, I know I’m not up to helping her in French. My daughter has just started CP and fortunately, I think she will do well, however, when it’s my son’s turn I think we could well run into difficulties.

(Catharine Higginson) #6

Maybe if everyone can ‘tell a friend’ over the next few days (even if they are not yet SF members) , then we might be able to get some idea of numbers that might be interested? I’m thinking a separate group so that the kids feel they have ‘their’ space but I wanted to test the water first!

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #7

I also agree - Mums and Dads can also join in as well. I think for new children who are just going through the system, it will be good to know that they can chat online to others who have already gone through it.
I have a daughter and three nephews with an age range of 6-17, so there is a wide spread of experience already amongst those four.

(Jennifer Clayton) #8

I think it’s a fantastic idea, count us in! DS1 has just started CE2, so we have an idea of ages etc…depends on numbers interested as to whether it needs a separate group I would think

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #9

If the kids are happy to use this group then I can change the purpose of the group to be more inclusive…sounds like a great idea. Even though my little one is a bit young to be worrying about homework, I will still find it very interesting to know what is coming.

I took her to the primary school yesterday at finishing time so she could see & hear all the new eleves…she loved it as she saw some of her older friends & played with them for half an hour afterwards, although they were already complaining they had homework to do!

(Natasha Wright) #10

Yes yes yes!

Oldest has just started CP yesterday ans already starting to worry about how I can help him! I would be happy to use as group or a thread.

Natasha x