Homme tué dans le quartier Saragosse à Pau : "Cela a été très violent"

Blimey, I thought Pau was a peaceful place ?

Yes, it is usually, quite shocking.

Crikey so did I - my girl Lynda just spent a couple of ‘girlie’ nights there (for a golf competition !!) . They stayed right in the centre at the Ibis - really noisy at night, lots of people hanging around (midweek) and they we ‘warned’ to be careful when they left a restaurant that someone had just had their handbag nicked!

Golf club was beautiful but they’d stay out of town next time! (typed as dictated !) :wink:

The course in Pau is beautiful, the oldest golf course in France if I recall. A bit different to Le Golf de l’Ariège !

Mus admit i’ve never been to any of the out of town areas so maybe the town centre area isn’t typical of the whole thing ?

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Sadly, violence is moving all over…

Neighbourhood disputes…