Honesty is Alive and Well

Well done … these young folk are to be commended… :hugs:


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when I was about 8 years old, together with a friend, we “found” a 10 shilling note on the pavement. Handed it in to the local police station, but never went back to see if it had been claimed or not…

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Hi Phillip… if you left your name and address, you would have got it back if it went unclaimed after a certain period. I speak from (happy) experience of a similar event …

perhaps I could try now…with 60 years of interest it maybe worth a bit…


Was in Paris with the boat in 70ish, 3yr old daughter picked up a wallet on the Place de la Concorde, was stuffed with cash and documents. There was an i.d. pic’, amazingly, I spotted the guy, asked him if he had lost anything, “My wallet”!
Gave him it, said the wee girl found it.
Miserable ‘git’ didn’t even offer her the price of an ice cream. :unamused:


Sitting having a beer on a terrace in Belle Isle last week, guy on the next table left his notecase, B’ chased after him, same with a pair of specs a day later, She is getting good at sprinting. :+1: :heart:

When I was about ten I found a wallet with driving licence and cash in it.
It was about four miles from me, but I cycled to the farm and I was given ten shillings.

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