Hopefully this will help the NHS to keep the excellent staff they already have

They certainly deserve a good pay rise. Angels, all of them.

considering the pay rise has been well under the norm for the past 10 years or more 6% is by far from what nurses are due. my last year in NHS was several strikes regarding the diabolical pay rise offer for a percentage of the staff based upon their work reports from their managers. managers asked to be uber strict and to try to limit outstanding reports to a few key staff. I got a pay rise but several other members of staff got nothing. I refused my pay rise on the basis that as a union rep i sw it as a kind of pay off to try to get me on side.

I do not think the NHS will ever get a proper pay rise that they are long over due along with back pay rise increases.

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temp nurses and other staff wont be given a pay rise. head count is about 1.5 million staff with around 2 million more staff on temp or bank contracts. (2 millions is those not doing bank and employed)

so still shy a good 4 million.

While the deal has been accepted not all the Union is happy as they feel they have been backed into a corner accept it or else. but its by far the best deal thats been offered or a great many years and do not think it wil lcome again for some time and wil lgive those lowest paid a big pay increase, some band 2 hca’s are still only on 16 thousand a year so over 2 thousand a year pay rise wil lbe a great help to them.

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