Hoping to meet other writers

Hi, my name is Janice Macdonald, I’m a writer–journalism, fiction (JaniceMacdonald.com) new to this blog and, soon to be, new to Fance. I’m relocating from California to France at the end of March, initially the Dordogne, but I’m hoping to rent somewhere in Normandy. I’d love to make contact with other writers, on-line or in person. I’ve taught fiction writing at a community college, have been a member of several critique groups and enjoy discussing/whinging about the writing life, etc. Cheers, Janice

Hi Lyn, sorry for the delayed response. I ended up moving south, I'm about half an hour from Montpellier so a bit far from the Dordogne. Would be great to exchange e-mails though. I've been keeping a blog about what I expect will be a year in France, travelingnovelist.wordpress.com.

Best, Janice

Hi Victoria, thanks for your note. Would be great to meet you too. Getting close to the end of a book is always a great excuse to stop doing almost everything else. My kitchen sink testifies to that. I'm going to be near Excideuill initially; is that anywhere near where you live?

Hi Janice, I'm a writer - novellist and live in the sud Gironde, which can be quite close too the Dordogne, depending on where you're going to be! I've got a blog which I should update at least once a week but don't always (my excuse is I'm really close to the end of my latest book...° I'd enjoy meeting up when you get here.

Best wishes on your move too Janice.


Hi Mark, Wendy and Angela, great to hear from you all–I will email individually–and to make contact with other writers. One of the good things about this profession is that wherever you travel, there’s a sort of ready made community of interesting people. I had hoped to finish the book I’m working on before I left for France–it’s in a rough first draft stage–but in the midst of making preparations to leave, I’m finding it difficult to find the necessary focus. I’m hoping that life in France won’t prove too distracting (at least after the first month) and I’ll be able to finish and send it off. I look forward to further communication and perhaps meeting some of you one day. Wendy, best wishes on your move, hope it goes smoothly.

I'm not a journalist but big on writing and I too blog every week. Happy to catch up if you're ever in Toulouse.

Hi Janice, I am a writer and I am relocating to France at the end of March too! I shall be living in Brittany, so not too far from Normandy. My husband Geoff is also a writer (non-fiction) and we are planning to expand our small publishing house when we are there. It would be great to share experiences as we start out this adventure! My email address is wendy_ells@hotmail.co.uk. Best wishes, Wendy

Hi Janice. I'm a writer/journalist like you and am based in the Lot (though hard by the River Dordogne). I post a blog here every Sunday and I would be delighted to make contact, as I tend to live and work in splendid isolation - which doesn't do for a writer. My e-mail address is mark.sampson@sfr.fr Maybe 'speak' to you soon in one way or another. Mark